Having fun with Pit Bull Training at Kinneman Kennels

Shown in this video is one of the first Pit Bulls at Kinneman Kennels – Razors Edge Bam Bam. She came to us from Bill Lyver’s of Bill’s Blue Bullies in Texas in 2007. Bam Bam has all of the drive and temperament of the original American Pit Bull Terrier.

She in an extremely active dog, and athletic as you can see in this short video. We bred her to her sire “Busa” in 2009 and she produces some amazing bullies. Her firey temperament was passed right on to her puppies as well.

If you are a first time Pit Bull owner, we wouldn’t suggest purchasing a dog of this caliber. These type of dogs should only be owned by extremely experienced dog owners who can maintain control of their dogs 100% of the time.