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Kinneman Kennels American Bully Breeders

american bully pitbull breederBacked with 30 years of combined breeding experience, Kinneman Kennels is now producing some of the worlds finest American Bully Pit Bulls.  Kinneman Kennels is based in Pittsburgh, PA – An old steel town often refereed to as the city of champions.

We offer stud service and have puppies for sale a couple of times per year. We are considered hobby breeders since we only produce a couple of litters per year. So if you see something you like, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our puppies are usually only available for a short time.

We hand raise all of our pups and socialize them daily with dogs of all ages and people of all ages. We recommend to continue socializing these dogs. This will ensure your dog has the absolute best temperament possible and will be able to be trusted around dogs and people of all ages throughout their entire life. We take pride in our dogs and in raising our pups and we look forward to providing you with your new family member.

Line Breeding

We line breed our dogs to ensure you will receive a puppy that carries the same traits (or better) than it’s ancestors. When dogs are scatter bred ( Meaning they do no share any of the same ancestors for the last 1-4 generations) you will most likely get a litter that is very inconsistent that looks nothing like the parents. With our breedings the first pick is just as nice as the last pick. All of our dogs are purple ribbon UKC registered. Pictures of the last 4 generations of the ancestors are available on all puppies, and the parents are on sight.

Our Bloodlines

While we have experience raising all styles of American Pit Bull Terriers including game dogs (Carver, Colby, Chinaman, Gator, ext), we solely breed American Bullies now a days. These dogs are extremely easy to work with, great around kids, and have an extremely loving temperament. However, they also carry a great watch dog personality at the same time.

These dogs are commonly known as Bullies, Blues, Bully Pit Bulls, and American Bully dogs. They carry a short and wide stance, large blocky heads, thick bone, and muscular frames. Our bloodlines at Kinneman Kennels was created by line breeding a number of the finest stock we could find. Some of it consisted of Razors edge, Gottyline, Gottiline (Sometimes referred to as Daxline), Monster G Line, and Greyline.

Traits that we breed

  • Stable Temperaments
  • Short and compact bodies
  • Large block shaped heads
  • Short muzzles
  • Muscular builds
  • Healthy hips and joints
  • Short and healthy hair coats
  • The Extreme American Bully Standard

None of our dogs carry any of the following traits: naturally dog or human aggressive, kinked tails, merle (eye defect), over or under bites (undershot or overshot bites), skin problems, long hair, unstable or unpredictable temperaments.

Our Breeding History

We do not breed for a specific color, an aggressive temperament, or breed any dogs that we feel will pass on a health issue to their offspring. Over the years of breeding these bullies, we had to cull a number of dogs from our breeding program. That meant that any dog that didn’t meet our standard for excellence was fixed and was placed in a nice family home.

We are at the point of our breeding program where we feel every dog we produce is quality breeding stock. We are known for producing quality consistent and healthy litters that would be a great addition to any family or breeding program.


We also socialize these dogs daily with people of all ages and other dogs of all ages to ensure you will receive a dog with an excellent temperament that is not aggressive with dogs or people. Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about our bullies.

We thank you for visiting Kinneman Kennels. Your number one source for American Bully Studs, Puppies, and Information!


How to Get your New Puppy Settled in

Their first day home :

The first day a dog comes to it’s new home they will be nervous, may hide, or have their tail down. It’s important to ignore them when they are in this stage. If you pet them, you are rewarding their fear. Once their tail is no longer tucked between their legs, and they are more playful, it’s fine to pet them and show them affection. Failure to follow this rule will prolong your dog’s fear of their new environment.

Proper Nutrition :

Step two is making sure you have your dog on the right diet. Their diet should consist of a quality dog food like buffalo blue, and a quality dog supplement like Bully Max to ensure they reach their fullest potential. The should be fed 3 average sizes meals per day. Letting them eat for 15 minuets at a time, as much as they eat. Water should be available 24 hours a day.


Exercise :

Your new puppy should be getting plenty of exercise. While dog parks are not recommended until they are completely vaccinated, a large yard would be adequate. Your new puppy is likely to take naps throughout the day. This is completely normal. Exercise should only consist of running and a light game of tug at the most. No weights should ever be used until a dog is over 2 years of age.

Socializing :

It’s important to socialize your dog with dogs of all ages and breeds, as well as with people of all ages and genders as well. It’s important to have your dog current on their shots (4 sets) before taking them into the public to play with other dogs and people. The more people and dogs you get the puppy to interact with, the better. This will avoid having a dog that shows aggression later in their life.


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