Dogs of the Past

Kinneman Kennels foundation dogs


When Kinneman Kennels first started breeding, our yard consisted of many dogs from New Troijan Kennels. Our foundation dogs all came from their yard in Los Angeles CA. The majority of their bloodlines came from Gottyline / Greyline dogs such as seen below.

It was at the point when New Troijan Kennels bred Strike to Blue Mandy to create Rolex, where you can say the Bully Game changed. Rolex was years ahead of any other American Bully at the time.

His massive head, extreme bone, and structure was twice that of any other well known American Bully stud at the time. We were fortune to purchase a female from one of Rolex’s breedings – New Troijan’s Russian Roulette. She was an awesome producer of some of the biggest American Bullies we’ve ever seen. She went on to produce a number of well known stud dogs and her bloodline can be found throughout the US.

New troijan dogs were know for their extreme Bully Structure, and fearless temperaments. No matter when we purchased a new troijan dog, or from what state we purchased one from, they always formed an immediate bond and formed a tight pack. It was almost like they instinctively knew that they were related.

As the years went on, our yard began breeding more extreme dogs and created a bloodline of our own. The bullies that you see in our yard today fit more along the lines of dogs like Rolex – EXTREME BULLIES!

greyline and gottiline history

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