Kinneman Kennels named one of the Best Breeders in Pittsburgh

Named Best Breeder in Pittsburgh

Kinneman Kennels is proud to be named one of the “Best Breeders In Pittsburgh” by CBS Pittsburgh. –

Customer Dedication and Satisfaction

blue-pitbullKinneman Kennels has nearly 25 years of Combined Breeding Experience. With the dedication to our health and happiness of our dogs and customers, it’s no surprise we’ve been named one of the best breeders in Pittsburgh. With so many breeders breeding for money, we breed for the love and passion of preserving some of the finest bloodlines in the world. So often you will hear pit bull activists who “LOVE PIT BULLS” bashing breeders. Without breeders there would be no pit bulls to love. Responsible breeding preserves and protects true pure bred pit bulls. Wether it’s an American Bully Bloodline, or an old school bloodline. Without responsible breeders, these dogs become over-saturated with generations of below average dogs. The end result is a dog with little or no resemblance to the ideal breed standard. Good breeding practices involve a great deal of time, money, research, knowledge, and dedication. Without these factors, we agree that a person should not have the right to breed dogs. Scatter bred backyard breedings will undoubtably result in more dogs in shelters, and more poorly raised dogs.

Lawmakers and the general public attempt to solve the problem of pit bulls ending up in rescue shelter with ineffective ways:

  • Banning a specific breed will no solve the problem with dogs in shelters. It will only change the breed of dog in the shelters.
  • Adopting dogs from shelters is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Solutions to resolve the issue with pit bulls in shelters:

  • Breeders must register their litters with the city.  A proof of valid registration papers for both the sire and dam must be provided. Registration through the ADBA, UKC, or ABKC will be considered valid registration papers.
  • Tougher penalties on participating in unregistered breeding will lower the percentage of backyard breeders. Backyard breeders are the cause of the majority of dogs in shelters and almost NEVER have valid registration papers. By outlawing unregistered breedings this will likely put a very large dent in the number of pit bulls that end up shelters across the US. If lawmakers passed a law similar to this, it would have the potential to save many dogs from ending up in shelters in the first place.

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