Get an Extreme American Bully Puppy from Kinneman Kennels

Pedigree packed with over 13 Generations of Bullies and nearly 20 Years of Quality American Bully Line Breeding

These pups are the product of nearly 20 years of line breeding some of the finest American Bully Blood in the nation.

If you’re looking for the next biggest ABKC Champ, a Family Pet, or a Bully with sound health and a stable temperament, then you came to the right place.

Available pups, All Males. No particular order:

bully puppy a


extreme abkc puppy b


massive pitbull puppy 3 available


If you’re interested in any of these pups, don’t hesitate to call. We have very few breedings per year and pups usually only last a couple of days once they’re posted.

You won’t find a more extreme, healthy, correct, or bully pup anywhere else – Guaranteed.

Traits that we breed for:

  • Sound Health
  • Stable Temperaments (Aside from naturally stable temperaments, All dogs are extremely well socialized with people and other dogs from day one.)
  • Extreme Bone
  • Extreme Mass
  • Large Block Shaped Head Pieces

Interested in one of these Extreme American Bully Puppies? Contact us at 1-412-251-6818.

Due to the high demand for our pups, we cannot guaranteed availability for long. If you’re interested in one of these pups, don’t hesitate to call.

Dogs of the Past

Kinneman Kennels foundation dogs


When Kinneman Kennels first started breeding, our yard consisted of many dogs from New Troijan Kennels. Our foundation dogs all came from their yard in Los Angeles CA. The majority of their bloodlines came from Gottyline / Greyline dogs such as seen below.

It was at the point when New Troijan Kennels bred Strike to Blue Mandy to create Rolex, where you can say the Bully Game changed. Rolex was years ahead of any other American Bully at the time.

His massive head, extreme bone, and structure was twice that of any other well known American Bully stud at the time. We were fortune to purchase a female from one of Rolex’s breedings – New Troijan’s Russian Roulette. She was an awesome producer of some of the biggest American Bullies we’ve ever seen. She went on to produce a number of well known stud dogs and her bloodline can be found throughout the US.

New troijan dogs were know for their extreme Bully Structure, and fearless temperaments. No matter when we purchased a new troijan dog, or from what state we purchased one from, they always formed an immediate bond and formed a tight pack. It was almost like they instinctively knew that they were related.

As the years went on, our yard began breeding more extreme dogs and created a bloodline of our own. The bullies that you see in our yard today fit more along the lines of dogs like Rolex – EXTREME BULLIES!

greyline and gottiline history

Welcome To Kinneman Kennels

west coast gottiline pit bulls

Breeders of the finest American Bully bloodlines in the World!

At Kinneman Pitbull Kennels we breed bully American Pitbull Terriers and produces blue pitbull puppies a couple of times a year. We also offer pitbull stud service. We have many years of Pit Bull breeding experience and are located in Pittsburgh, PA. A close distance from Cleveland Ohio, Manhattan, Bronx, New York City, Columbus Ohio, Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, and West Virginia. We breed bully style APBT puppies with the classic American pitbull temperament and drive.

At our pitbull kennel we have some of the most exclusive greyline pitbull blood in the country.

You will find direct offspring to some of the most well know American Bullies in the nation including Dax (Gottiline), Kingpinline, Daxline, Gottyline’s Romeo, mikeland bloodlines, West Coast Gottiline blood, as well as some of the best ABKC dogs in the nation. Our Short and wide bullies are some of the best producing dogs in the world. Blue nose XL / XXL dogs are available at times as well.

All of our blue pitbull puppies will be shipped out at 9 weeks old. Upon receiving your blue nose pit bull puppy you will receive their UKC papers, ADBA papers, or both if your pitbull puppy is dual registered. We also provide history of the American Pit Bull Terriers, as well as pit bull training tips, pitbull weight pulling information, pitbull press, and tips for feeding your blue nose pitbull puppies.