How to add weight to your pit bull FAST

weight gainer for dogs

At Kinneman Kennels, we often get asked — how do you put weight on a skinny or malnourished dog?

Simply put, your dog needs to consume more calories than they burn off.

Highly active breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully require more calories than a dog that’s couch potato.

Pregnant and nursing females also require more calories — about 2X as much as they normally consume. 

What’s the best way to add weight to your dog?

We’ve tried every weight gaining product on the market and found that Miracle Vet weight gainer works the best — by a landslide.

weight gainer for dogs

  1. It’s all natural. We found trans fats & artificial ingredients in every brand except Miracle Vet.
  2. It’s safe for puppies — we introduce Miracle Vet to puppies at the age of 4 weeks. It’s important to keep extra weight on pups incase they become sick (they’ll need as much fat on their bones as they can get).
  3. It’s ideal for pregnant and nursing dogs. It’s extremely difficult to keep weight on pregnant and nursing dogs without Miracle Vet. The puppies essentially suck all of the nutrients out of the mother.

How do you use it?

We recommend mixing Miracle Vet weight gainer into your dog’s first meal of the day. You can also feed it to your dog with a syringe if they’re unwilling or unable to consume their food.

high calorie dog food

We recommend Bully Max high performance dog dry food since it’s also high in calories & all natural.

Combined, this diet has proven to add weight to our dogs faster than any other method. The key is that this diet is extremely nutrient dense.

With other brand of food, it would take 7 cups of food to equal the amount of calories in 1 cup of Bully Max dog food (535 calories) + 1 oz of Miracle Vet weight gainer (150 calories).

Just one single cup of this combination contains 685 calories!

Where you can get Bully Max dog food:

Where you can get Miracle Vet weight gainer:

Razors Edge Pit Bull Bloodline History

Razors Edge Lil RoTruth can be stranger than fiction – Razors Edge Pit Bull Bloodline has a fascinating history. To those who are less familiar, Razors Edge was created because of the utter dedication and untiring efforts of Dave Wilson and his associate Carlos Barksdale.

Pioneering Efforts

In fact, Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale started the entire process in a modest way using game dogs. They did extensive research ferreting out a wealth of information about American Pit Bull Terriers. They avidly read many dog magazines like the ADBA Gazette and several other well-known and less-known periodicals in order to create “Razor edge bloodline”. They painstakingly met several breeders to obtain every scrap of information about starting a bloodline.

During the earlier days, they owned a few Back Yard Bred non-papered American Pit Bulls. They created their own Pit club and in an adventurous way went hiking and camping in the woods. Whatever they earned, the money was spent to get some decent papered, decent bloodline, game bred dogs. They purchased some of the finest game bred dogs that were then available ion the market.

Persistance pays

The enterprising duo got in touch with George Williams in Washington DC. They purchased a dog from Wildside Kennels that they named Diablo – for whatever reason. Diablo was fathered by a bigger catch dog, Hollinsworth Bull and a game girl named Wildsides Ms.Leaky gave birth to it.

This was the defining moment when Razors Edge started adding more size, bone, and improved physical structure. The first ever registered “ADBA” Razors Edge breeding was a crossing between Mayfield sire Zeus to a Mayfield bitch Jinx. Curt Plater was reportedly the person to own the first ever Razors Edge Registered dog.

The authorities banned Pits in PG County and Dave was compelled to shift out of the area. Dave held a managerial job in the Pet Store industry at a Pet Store in Virginia.

Fascinating background

Dave Wilson of Razor’s Edge Kennels at Virginia developed a line of dogs that many dog lovers believe to be one of the momentous experimentation in the history of the famous American Pit Bull Terrier. When Young Dave Wilson began breeding dogs, the name Razor Edge was not known to the world. Dave was the pioneer to put the name Razors Edge on the dog map.

Dave initially faced difficult times when he first started breeding Pit Bulls.  At that time, there existed a number of various Pit bull “Bloodlines”, each with its own unique characteristics.

But, interestingly enough, for a seasoned breeder like Dave Wilson, what mattered was not the similarities, but the dissimilarities. Dave extensively traveled the country visiting every possible breeder. He was eagerly looking for certain traits and features that he could use for creating a new a breed of Pit Bull that the world would call the Razor Edge. The task was by no means simple and Dave struggled his way through to achieve his set goals.

With meticulous planning and carefully selected breeds, Dave Wilson was able to create history. Within a period of seven generations, Dave laid the standards by which Razor’s Edge Pit bulls are measured today.

 muscular-pitbullRazor Edge Bloodlines

A couple of decades ago, Razors Edge Kennel was nothing more than a figment of imagination in the mind of Dave Wilson. And then history was created as today, Razor Edge Bloodlines are recognized as the most sought after bloodlines in almost all parts of the world. The plain truth is Razor Edge Bloodlines are today fetching two to three times the prices of any other “PitBull” Bloodline.

This can straightaway be attributed to the sustained efforts, persistence and perseverance, and vision of Dave Wilson. Once a person achieves success of this magnitude, there will be people to concoct stories and create controversies.

Several stories are constantly created in an attempt to impair and discredit the Razor Edge breed. But the grim fact remains that several thousands of people who own Razor’s Edge dogs are grateful to Dave Wilson and his vision of the man’s best friend.

Facts about Razor Edge Pit bull

Wilson also wanted shorter, squatter pit bulls with massive chests and short snouts. Razor Edge Pitbull  are a variety of  large, muscular pit bull dogs, imaginatively bred to inculcate in them characteristics such as loyalty, friendliness and a serene disposition.

Razors Edge Pit bulls were selectively bred by Dave Wilson in Virginia in the 1980’s to fulfill the need for a bully companion dog instead of an athletic and agile Though many colors and patterns are allowed in Razors Edge, they are predominantly blue and white.

Dave ensured that these Pit bulls could be trained to be very social. They can be conditioned to become excellent pets, but care should be taken to select an ethical breeder.

Other American Bully Bloodlines

Apart from Razors Edge, there are far too many blood lines out in the market including Gotti or Gotty, Remyline, Daxline, Monster G, Kingpin, Mikeland, Greyline, Gaff, Ganghis Kon, Royal, and Watchdog.

These different bloodlines of Pit bulls produce different styles and characteristics. A seasoned breeder will know how to work with the different bloodlines to achieve the result he wants.

Unfortunately, most kennels just mindlessly throw two different pit bulls together hoping for a good turn out. But there are only a few experienced breeders that have the knowledge and skills of producing what they want with a breeding. All other breeders believe in luck.

When you are paying an exorbitant price for a pit bull puppy, you should be discerning and ask the breeder all types of inconvenient questions. This will give you a clear indication whether the breeder is a dedicated person or a mere ‘fly-by-night’ operator

Dave Wilson’s own account

When Dave first began breeding Pit bulls, there were already in existence several well established Pit bull Bloodlines, each with its own unique characteristics. Dave calculatedly put fliers in the Washington Post explaining what his breed Razors Edge was.

Speaking about the development of Razor Edge Pit bull and the challenges he met, Dave Wilson explains “Some people have asked me how Razors Edge was formed.  My friend Carlos Barksdale and I started it with game dogs. We researched everything we could find. We read every book published at that time. Subscribed to many dog magazines like the ADBA Gazette and even some underground ones. We called damn near every breeder that we could find and questioned them.  We even had our own Pit club and went hiking in the woods”.

Legal issues

It is rather unfortunate that any dog classified as a “Pit Bull” is declared illegal in many counties around the United States. If you wish to own a Razor Edge Pit bull puppy, you should contact your local animal control authority and make sure it is legal to own such a type of dog.

Because Razors Edge dogs have become prestigious and in great demand, there are many unscrupulous dog breeders that claim their pit-bull types are Razors Edge and charge exorbitantly. Dog breeders have and will always combine different breeds and try to come up with a new mix that meets their desired purpose. As a result, there is a great deal of confusion when it comes to Pit bulls in general.

Sadly, it is also a fact that many avaricious and commercial-minded breeders mix breeds and create adulterated breeds that do not possess the traits and temperament of Wilson’s dogs. Dave Wilson’s breeds are of noble quality as he adores them and not into the business of money-making.

dave wilson razors edge pitbullConclusion of the Razors Edge Bloodline

Psychologists say “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Dave Wilson set out to develop a line of dogs that many dog lovers today believe to be one of the turning points in the history of American Pit Bull Terrier.

Razor’s Edge pit bulls are now considered a distinct bloodline of American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs) developed by Virginia breeder Dave Wilson. His goal was to breed pit bulls of genial temperament and athletic capabilities rather than a fighter dog participating in conformation dog shows.

Razors Edge Pit bull dogs are indeed a separate breed than that of the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Bulldog. The dogs are now bred in several countries outside America – Japan, Italy, France and Central American countries.

There is no denying the fact that a dog owner feels immensely proud and happy walking down the road or strolling in a park accompanied by a Razor’s Edge Pit bull at his/her side. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of people stopping to ask about your dog or least gaze at your dog with admiration. Without a shadow of doubt your decision to own a Razor Edge Pit bull puppy will bring you many moments of joy.

Razors Edge Kennel has been involved in raising, breeding and training the American Pit bull Terrier for well over 20 years and its activities are are gathering momentum by the day. Razors Edge will remain forever and its presence will be perpetuated through Dave,s kids, friends, and committed dog lovers.

Gottiline – The history of one of the most famous bully bloodlines

Notorious-juan-gottyHistory of Gottline

The Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, have become one of the most popular bloodlines in American Bully Community.  This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas of the West Side Kennels.  He actually owns the first sire, The Notorious Juan Gotty.  Back in 1997 he bought Gotty for an amount of $1,300, from Tony Moore.  Richard probably didn’t know at the time what a great buy Juan Gotty was.  Tony owns the Grey Line Kennels in Los Angeles.  The Greyline foundation female was name Showtime.  Showtime was the mother of Gotty’s father, “R Greyline’s Raider 2.  Raider passed away when Gotty was only 7 weeks old.  At 7 months, Gotty was the proud sire of his own litter.

The foundation of the Bloodline

This was just the beginning for Gotty’s long line of fantastic foundations.  If you’ve heard these names, Coldens Blue Rhino, Felony, Pate’s Blue Beast, Gottiline’s Monster, Do Good Big Boy, New Trojan’s Dillinger, and many others not mentioned, these are just some of the foundations of Gotty.  In all, Gotty has sired more than 900 UKC registered American Pitbull Terriers.  Starting out with Juan Gotty, the Gottiline bloodline is not only spread all across the US, but also the world, including China, Canada, Japan and the Philippines.  Gotty will surely be known in history as one of the bully style movement’s greatest dogs.

Richard Barajas of Westside Kennels
Richard Barajas of Westside Kennels

The birth of the name

So, the Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline is named after The Notorious Juan Gotty.  Only the “y” was changed to an “i”.  The look of the Gotti is very distinctive.  They are easy to tell apart from the other pitfull bloodlines.  The Gotti has tons of mass and is very stocky and also girthy.  They are heavy, thick and shorter than other pitbulls. The head is brick-like.  It is extremely broad right between the cheeks, and the head sits on a well-defined and amazingly thick muscled neck.  The broad distance between those cheeks is created to house those powerful jaws.

After the amazing neck, the chest is well-sprung, deep and thick.  Even though the Gottis are extremely full of muscle and are stocky, they are still agile which proves their total strength.  According to UKC regulations, blue eyes are not accepted along with the mearl coat.  The eyes need to be perfectly round.  Cropped ears are optional although most of the Gottis have them cropped.  The UKC does not accept any with docked tails.


Appearance of the bloodline

Many pitbull lovers say that they can’t tell the difference between a Razors Edge Pitbull and a Gottiline Pitbull.  A trained pitbull eye can tell the difference with no problems.  A Gottline has a more bulldog type of a look.  Their coloring may often have oil spotting or oil specking on the coat.  This is very apparent on a white Gotti.  This isn’t always the case on a Gotti, but there are many that have this feature that doesn’t appear on the Razors Edge.

westside monster
One of Juan Gotty’s most famous sons – Monster Jojola from Top Dogg Kennels. Monster was another great producer for Richard Barajas. In some people’s opinions, he was a better looking dog than Juan Gotty, as well as a better producer. He was an extremely muscular and correct dog that passed his awesome structure on to his offspring. He can be found in thousands of dog’s pedigrees all over the world.

The personality of the Gotti is also the personality of a good temperament.  With pitbulls still carrying that reputation of being dangerous and aggressive dogs, the Gotti is the absolute opposite.  These pits are bred without the aggression and fight that pitbulls were used for in the past.  Now they are considered to be loving pets in anyone’s home.  They are good with children and even other dogs if the dogs were raised together.  The Gotti will be loyal to his family and property and will used his strength and power to protect both.  Many people wouldn’t consider a pit to be a lap dog, but even these Gottis will sleep on your lap and be content to give and get loving attention.  There are still pitbulls bred to fight, and the fighting still goes on even though it is animal abuse and also illegal.  Hopefully one day there will be no more pitbulls or any other dogs used for these purposes.

There are other bloodlines that are related to the Gottiline pitbull bloodline.  Gotti is the foundation for Mikeland’s Kracker and Gator and also Kingpinline’s Goliath.  Besides these unique lines, he is also the foundation for many of the bully pitbulls that weigh more than 70 lbs., considered to be the XXL bull pitbulls.

On the other side of the scale, Gotti is also the foundation for pocket bulls pitbulls that weigh less than 70 lbs.  (I guess these would be the “teacup” pitbulls, but don’t ever say that to one of those smaller yet mighty bullys.)

Juan Gotty has created many unique and diverse kinds of bullys, and yet each one is exceptional in its’ own way.  They each have their unique qualities and factors that make them special.  Juan Gotty is a legend in the movement of the bully pitbulls.  No matter what the size of the Gottiline Pitbull, the bone, head and extreme girth are all factors in this particular bloodline.

Pit Bull Breeds, Types and Aggression

pit bull breeds growling pitbull aggressive

Pit Bull Breeds & Aggression

In the general public’s eyes there are two basic categories that the “Pit Bull” will fit into. Only one of which is an actual “Pit Bull”. There is the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Bully. While these dogs derived from some of the same ancestors, they now have two completely different temperaments.

The Original American Pit Bull Terrier

The only real true “Pit Bull” is the original American Pit Bull Terrier. For the most part, these dogs are extremely human friendly. Both naturally and when socialized properly. However, these dogs are for the most part naturally dog aggressive. This is due to the fact that these dogs were bred specifically to fight other dogs. Any experienced dog fighter will choose this style of dog for fighting.

Game Dogs and Dog Aggression

The original APBT’s are sometimes referred to as game dogs or game blood. Some of the most popular game bloodlines are Colby, Carver, and the Alligator bloodline.

There are a number of Kennels that breed these pit bull breeds to preserve their original gameness and temperaments. Tom Garner is one of the most well known breeders of the original American Pit Bull and game dogs. He is pictured to the left with his dog Sassy (A 3 year old female pit bull in Orange County, N.C, on Tuesday, July 24, 2007.). Some of the other most well known breeders of  game dogs include Floyd Boudreaux, Louis & Mike Colby, John P Colby – who was breeding the “Colby” bloodline since 1888, Maurice Carver (Carver Bloodline) and Gary J. Hammonds. Gary is the founder and creator of the Alligator Bloodline. He is known to be a very scientific breeder that researches the history of his bloodlines extensively. The Alligator Bloodline plays an important role in the breeding programs of many serious breeders around the world. Gary’s most famous dog would undoubtably be his stud RUFUS who was proven to be one of the best producing males in the world.

It’s said by most of these game dog breeders that they are unable to breed true game dogs without testing their stock (fighting their dogs).

While game dogs are naturally human friendly, they have the ability to excel in protection training if trained properly. If a person was to intentionally make a game dog human aggressive, these dogs will do so in order to please their owner.

The three types of human aggressive pit bull breeds

Howard's Ver Magnusson schutzhund pitbull
Howard’s Ver Magnusson pictured above is a perfect example of a pit bull that excels in protection training and in the sport of Schutzhund with the proper training. Magnus (R.I.P) is the only Superdog in the history of the breed to earn the esteemed Schutzhund 3 title. A Schutzhund title is equivalent to obtaining four titles: The temperament test, the obedience title, a tracking title and the protection title.

Unintentionally Raised Human Aggressive Pit Bulls: These are the type of dogs are created by being socialized poorly with humans as pups, are neglected, are possible victims of abuse, are trained improperly, or a combination of these factors. These type of dogs are created by owners that have no intentions of creating an aggressive dog.

Intentionally Trained Human Aggressive Pit Bulls: Dogs that that are trained to be aggressive by humans. They may have been trained poorly, or properly. When trained  properly, then tend to excel in personal and police protection work. When trained poorly or by a person with little or no experience with protection training, it can results in an unprovoked dog attack on a neighbor, mailman, or family member. It is highly recommended that you leave it up to the professionals when it comes to protection training.

Naturally Human Aggressive Pit Bulls: For the most part the majority of pit bulls are human friendly. However, some are naturally aggressive from day one. These dogs are usually bred by backyard breeders that are inexperienced. These type of breeders usually have have little or no knowledge about breeding or the history of the dogs they are being bred. The majority of these dogs un-papered (Meaning they are not registered). Any experienced or ethical breeder does not breed a pit bull that carries this type of temperament. Only in rare instances will you find a purebred pit bull from a quality bloodline show human aggression naturally.

I’ve done protection training and there is a huge difference between a human aggressive dog that can determine the difference between a criminal or threat, and a family member, and one that is downright aggressive towards all humans. The latter is looked down upon completed by experienced dog trainers and breeders alike. Any dog that shows unprovoked human aggression has a huge flaw in their temperament and should be culled from the breeding program and fixed.

This rule dates back 100 years ago when dog fighting was yet to be deemed inhumane and outlawed. Dog fighters would need to break up the dog fights without being bit, therefore they bred pit bull breeds to be human friendly.

The most abused breed

The original APBT is the breed that is most commonly found in shelters, misunderstood, bred by backyard breeders with little or no breeding experience, and used for fighting. In comparison to the American Bully, these dogs are less expensive for the most part as well. This is partly the reason why these dogs are more commonly found in shelters, are bred with no papers, and bred by breeders with no breeding experience (simply because these dogs are more easily obtained). The reason they are involved in dog fighting more than the American Bully is because for the most part, the American Bullies are very poor fighters.

The American Bully

DaxLine kennels CA
On of the most popular American Bullies is Dax from Daxline kennels. Ed Shepherd (Owner of Dax) has no interest in his dogs showing any type of aggression.

In comparison to to the Original American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bully is a relatively new breed. This breed started roughly around 15-20 years ago with breeders like Richard Barajas (Gottiline), Ed Shepherd (Gottyline), and Dave Wilson of Razors Edge. These dogs for the most part were bred specifically for looks and breeders paid little attention to their temperaments. Breeders bred for Big Blocky Heads, Wide stances, Short, Compact, and Muscular bodies. They also bred for their blue coats since they were the most popular color with the majority of the public.

The Temperament of the American Bully

The majority of these breeders paid little or no attention to their temperaments. These breeders were not interested in these dogs showing human or dog aggression and only bred for looks. There was no use for a dog that showed aggression. Customers were purchasing these dogs solely on the way they looked and had no interest in a guard dog that was human aggressive, or a fighting dog that was dog aggressive.

Dog aggression would make American Bully Breeder’s jobs more expensive and time consuming since they would have to keep the dogs in separate kennels, have them relieve themselves, and exercise separately. Furthermore, any dog fight would potentially cost them money. If a dog was injured by a dog fight they would need to sped money at a vet to attend to the dog’s injuries. If a dog was killed in a fight, the breeder would lose a great deal of money by losing a stud dog or a producing female.

For the most part the original pit bull temperament and drive was bred out of these pit bull breeds. Not intentionally, but by the lack of attention to their temperaments. What was left after years of breeding for a specific look, and not temperament, was an extreme bully with exaggerated features (Massive head, extremely short and wide, carrying a great deal of muscle and mass), and a family and dog oriented temperament. These dogs interacted together on a daily basis with both family and other dogs making them the perfectly socilized family pet. In vary rare instances will you find an American Bully that is either human aggressive or dog aggressive.