How to add weight to your pit bull FAST

At Kinneman Kennels, we often get asked — how do you put weight on a skinny or malnourished dog?

Simply put, your dog needs to consume more calories than they burn off.

Highly active breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully require more calories than a dog that’s couch potato.

Pregnant and nursing females also require more calories — about 2X as much as they normally consume. 

What’s the best way to add weight to your dog?

We’ve tried every weight gaining product on the market and found that Miracle Vet weight gainer works the best — by a landslide.

weight gainer for dogs

  1. It’s all natural. We found trans fats & artificial ingredients in every brand except Miracle Vet.
  2. It’s safe for puppies — we introduce Miracle Vet to puppies at the age of 4 weeks. It’s important to keep extra weight on pups incase they become sick (they’ll need as much fat on their bones as they can get).
  3. It’s ideal for pregnant and nursing dogs. It’s extremely difficult to keep weight on pregnant and nursing dogs without Miracle Vet. The puppies essentially suck all of the nutrients out of the mother.

How do you use it?

We recommend mixing Miracle Vet weight gainer into your dog’s first meal of the day. You can also feed it to your dog with a syringe if they’re unwilling or unable to consume their food.

high calorie dog food

We recommend Bully Max high performance dog dry food since it’s also high in calories & all natural.

Combined, this diet has proven to add weight to our dogs faster than any other method. The key is that this diet is extremely nutrient dense.

With other brand of food, it would take 7 cups of food to equal the amount of calories in 1 cup of Bully Max dog food (535 calories) + 1 oz of Miracle Vet weight gainer (150 calories).

Just one single cup of this combination contains 685 calories!

Where you can get Bully Max dog food:

Where you can get Miracle Vet weight gainer:

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