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blue pit bull stud
“Blue Pitbull Stud” from Kinneman Kennels

If you are a dog lover, you might have heard quite a lot about the seemingly aggressive behavior of the Pitbulls, but, they actually make the ideal pet for the right owner. The Pitbulls are very loyal and show intense love towards the family they live with, and crave for attention from the family members. The Pitbulls are confident and bright pets, and tend to get aggressive against other dogs, especially of the same sex. Pitbulls are also great with children, which is contrary to what has been projected by the common man. Socialization is easy for this breed and any person who owns it, will always have a fun time with it.

Just reading a few words about the Pitbull must have made you like this dog. You may even want to get yourself one. However, you must take care that you get the best dog from the best place, so that you get the best time with your dog. It is always important that you choose a breeder that has a good reputation, with enough experience in breeding and which will provide the best service and quality of dogs. You don’t have to search further, for such a breeder, choose Kinneman Kennels. Kinneman Kennels is the best place to get yourself a cute little Pitbull puppy. We, at Kinneman Kennels, consider breeding American Pitbulls as a hobby; a hobby that we consider very seriously. We take care of the puppies a lot and hand raise them with love and affection. The dogs at Kinneman Kennels are socialized daily with people and other dogs of all ages, so that you get a dog with a stable temperament, which is not aggressive against dogs or humans.


At Kinneman Kennels, we make sure that the puppies that are bred here are socialized and trained properly at an early age itself, and work towards developing the following traits in them:

  • Short & compact bodies

  • Large block shaped heads

  • Short muzzles

  • Muscular body

  • Workability

  • Stable temperaments

Kinneman Kennels not only focusses on developing the good character traits of your dog, but also makes sure that your dog is trained in such a way that, some of the natural instincts of your dog, which may be dangerous or harmful, are either suppressed or kept under control. All puppies out of Kinneman Kennels carry none of the following disturbing traits:

  • Unstable temperaments

  • Human aggressiveness

  • Merle (eye defect)

  • Long hair

  • Skin problems

  • Kinked tails

With many years of experience in Pitbull breeding, our Pitbull puppies have the classical American Pitbull temperament and drive. You can find some of the finest quality American Bully style Pitbulls at Kinneman Kennels. All our puppies are strictly line bred, so that none of the extraordinary characteristics of the ancestors are lost, and if possible, better traits are developed in them. The result of this is that the first litter is just as good as the last one and they all look like their ancestors, carrying forward the bloodline of their family.


We are breeders of the Blue Nose American Pitbull terriers; American Bully style Pitbulls to be specific. These dogs have remarkable temperaments and socialize well with other dogs and people. On purchasing a dog from Kinneman Kennels, you will have a dog that has over a dozen generations of Bully Style Pitbulls in their pedigree. You can also have a look at your dog’s parents, at Kinneman Kennels, and also have a glance at the pictures of the last 4 to 5 generations of its ancestors. We also line breed the best of the Gottiline and Razor edge bloodlines. Each dog you find in our dog’s pedigree was carefully selected to line breed into our program.

We strive hard to preserve as well as improve this exquisite breed of dogs. We also breed offspring from New Troijan’s Rolex and New Troijan’s Strike. The Pitbull bloodlines at Kinneman Kennels consist of: Razors edge, Daxline, New Troijan (Los Angeles California), Gottyline (Daxline), Greyline Blue Star Kennels (Houston & Dallas Texas), and Gottiline.


A relatively new name that refers to the bloodline created by Ed Shepherd. This kennel was originally known as Gottyline and is the home of 21blackjack. After Ed produced his now world famous stud “Dax”, he renamed his kennel to Daxline and now bases his entire bloodline off of this American Bully.



At Kinneman Kennels, special attention is given to socializing the puppies daily, so that you get a puppy that gets along well with people and other animals as well. They are exercised and trained daily, with special care and affection, so that they always feel at home. The Pitbull puppies are so groomed and trained, that they can adjust to almost any kind of living – indoors, outdoors, in heating or air conditioning. When you purchase a puppy from Kinneman Kennels you can be sure about your puppy becoming a member of your family, and a lovely companion. It will also be appreciated by your neighbourhood, because it has been socialized effectively at an early age itself.


Almost all Razors Edge American Pitbulls are registered with the UKC or the ABKC, whnile some are registered with ADBA. Dual registered puppies, registered with both the UKC and the ADBA are also available. All our puppies are shipped out at 9 weeks old. Along with your Pitbull puppy, you will also be handed its UKC papers, or ADBA papers, or both if the Pitbull is dual registered.


Kinneman Kennels is also a supplier of Bully Max. Bully Max is a great canine supplement which has in it essential vitamins and proteins. This will help in a healthy muscle building in the Pitbulls at Kinneman Kennels. Having Bully Max develops your dog’s immune system, metabolism and vision. Better bone nourishment, muscle building and proper overall growth are other benefits that your Pitbull can get from Bully Max.


WE believe that our responsibility with our customers doesn’t end with the selling of our puppies. We offer unlimited support for you to take care of your pet companion. Along with your puppy, you will also get all the registration papers at the same time. Moreover, support items such as training tips and socialization help guides are also provided. You can feel free to call us at any time to get help or advice from our experts.You can also visit us any time at Kinneman Kennels, Pittsburgh, PA, which is at a close distance from Manhattan, Ohio, New York citWashington DC and West Virginia.

Though there may be negative remarks about the Pitbull breed of dogs from the media, projecting them as being dangerous to children, anyone with even a little knowledge about dogs will know clearly that the behaviour of any pet dog is largely influenced by the way it is trained and socialized. Pitbulls are actually wonderful companions, especially with children. With strong and muscular looks, these they will also add to your status quo. Kinneman Kennels is undoubtedly the best place for you to get yourself a Pitbull – the ultimate family companion. If you are looking for a Pitbull puppy with over 10 generations of bullies, which has been socialized at an early age itself and has full breeding rights, then we, at Kinneman Kennels have the exact type of dogs for you.

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