Choosing the right Pitbull Kennels

While it’s always important to check the credentials and reputations of any dog or pitbull kennels before considering a purchase of a dog, it is especially so in pitbull kennels.  While most pitbulls are known for their loyalty, courage, and instinctive protective qualities, some have shown that they are overly aggressive.  Some experts assert that when pitbulls have attacked people, it may substantially be due to the way they were raised and even bred.  Therefore, to ensure that breeding practices are ethical and that the dog you buy is healthy, it’s best to check up on any pitbull kennel you visit.

Consider the Breeder

It goes without saying that buyers who want to purchase a pitbull puppy should only purchase on from a registered pitbulls kennel and licensed breeder.  Yet even when properly licensed, some pitbull kennels are not regarded as reputable as others.  A report from asserted that “USDA minimum standards for housing and exercise are bare bones. The agency requirement for cage size — the primary enclosure in which breeding dogs live their lives — is just six inches taller, wider and longer than the dog inside” (


“The USDA waives the exercise requirement of 30 minutes per day for at least five days a week if the dog is housed in a cage with twice the floor space called for by the above formula.

In addition, USDA regulations don’t address socialization — the handling and exposure a puppy needs during its first weeks of life to develop properly — or the health, temperament and quality of the parents.”

A small space and a lack of early socialization can adversely affect some dog breeds.  Pitbulls, of course, are active dogs that do require early socialization.  Therefore, it’s important to talk to the pitbull kennel about how they exercise the dogs and handle them early on.

pitbull kennels setupGetting to Know your Pitbull Kennels

Buying a pitbull or any purebred requires getting to know the breeder.  For one, a purebred dog can be expensive costing anywhere from $300 to $3,000 on average.  When purchasers buy from pitbull kennels they should want to see dogs with well-adjusted temperaments.  When dogs are overly shy and or aggressive, there may be cause for concern—particularly if the older dogs around the pitbull kennels exhibit these traits.  If the breeder’s own dogs are shy and aggressive, there’s the likelihood that they may have passed those traits on to other dogs in the kennel.  If the breeder’s dogs are friendly and appear well-adjusted, there’s a good chance that those traits were also passed on to the puppies.

Proceed with Caution

Dog experts warn that pet owners should not purchase pitbull puppies from pitbull kennels that set up shop at flea markets or parking lots.  This doesn’t allow the purchaser to view the conditions of the adult dogs or where these dogs were weaned.  If you do visit a licensed pitbull kennel but the cleanliness level disturbs you, you should also choose another kennel.  Responsible breeders keep their kennels in excellent condition in order to ensure the health of their dogs.  With all the reputable pitbull kennels, it doesn’t make sense to make a purchase from a substandard kennel.

Also, take your time when seeking out a pitbull kennel and become comfortable with the owners and their practices.  If you feel rushed or if the owner repeatedly tells you the puppy may be gone if you wait another day, try not to succumb to such sales tactics.  Instead, proceed with caution until you are sure you have a quality pitbull kennel with sound dogs to choose from.

Talk to the Breeder

Be sure to find out how any of the pitbull kennels, has cared for your dog of choice—what is has been eating, its exercise routine, and any other pertinent information that may help you help your new dog make the transition between kennel and your home.  Good breeders will have plenty of suggestions regarding the dog’s care; in fact, the best breeders care about their puppies and want to place them in excellent homes.  Look for breeders that take this part of their job seriously.  Many pitbull kennels, of course, do want to place their puppies with owners who will take great care of them.  So, let the breeder get to know you too and they’ll have peace of mind knowing that their dog is headed for a good home.  Buying a pitbull puppy is an exciting experience that will only be enhanced when you purchase from the best breeders and pitbull kennels you can find.

About Pitbull Bloodlines

Monster G line: This bloodline was created by selectively line breeding some of the finest American Pit Bull Terriers in the county. The foundation bloodline is New Troijan, and New Troijan’s foundation is Greyline. Greyline was created by Blue Star Kennels. Some of the most famous dogs produced by Gary and Tony Moore are PR NOTORIOUS JUAN GOTTY, ‘PR’ GREYLINE’S RAIDER 2, PR GRAY LINES CALLE LOVE BLUEGOOD, ‘PR’ TONY’S SHOWTIME, ‘PR’ TEE’S NEW MERCY and Pretty boy Floyd to name a few. To sum it up, Monster G is a bloodline created by continuing the legacy of bloodlines that were created by Blue Star Kennels, as well as New Troijan Kennels.

About Juan Gotty and the start of Gottyline.

Juan Gotty was a 100% Greyline dog that was purchase by Richard Barajas to create his own bloodline which is known as Gottiline. He purchased Juan Gotty for around 900 from Gary Moore of Blue Star Kennels.

Some of the original dogs that you will find in just about every gottiline pedigree include: ‘PR’ BLUE HONOR’S KING HENRY , PR’ BLUE KING’S JUANITA ,’PR’ CASTLE KING’S EBONY ,PR MIKELAND’S BLACK GHOST , ‘PR’ MIKELAND’S BLUE GRACE,’PR’ DIEGO’S DEJA BLU OF PRATT’S , PR BARAJAS’ CHINA ,PR’ NICKY’S BLUE KING ,PR COLDENS BLUE RHINO, And 21 Blackjack.


Aceline (West Coast Gottiline)

Aceline is another popular line of Gottiline dogs that was created using Black Ace which is 21 Blackjack’s littermate brother. Roger Toma is the founder of westcoast gottyline and the creator of Aceline. One of his most currently well known studs is WCG Platinum. Roger is a well known and respected breeder in the American Bully community and is known as a solid and trustworthy business man. Kinneman Kennels personally recommends dealing with West Coast Gottyline.

Mikeland Kennels

Mikeland kennels is also one of the top gottyline breeders. They are known for producing a number of well known bullies. Some of the well known producers for Mikeland’s kennels are PR MIKELAND’S BLACK GHOST ,PR MIKELAND’S BLUE MONKEY ,’PR’ MIKELANDS BLUE GRACE , PR MIKELAND’S BLUE MONKEY , and’PR’ MIKELANDS SAMMARA.

These are just a few of the bloodlines that people created that stemmed from the greyline  and gottyline bloodlines. Today’s dogs are shorter, wider, and have larger heads than the old school greyline dogs, but many of them still carry some the the traits that the old school bloodlines carry.

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