Our Dogs APBT Breeders

APBT Breeders

We are APBT breeders of American Pit Bull terriers, specifically American Bully Style Pit bulls that are short, wide, and have large block shaped heads. These dogs have outstanding temperaments and are socialized with people and other dogs of all ages.

When you purchase a dog from Kinneman Pit Bull Kennels apbt breeders, you will receive a dog that has over 10 generations of Bully Style pit bulls in their pedigree. Parents are on sight, and pictures of the last 4 generations (or more) of ancestors are available as well. We line breed some of the finest Gottiline, and Razors Edge blood in the world.

We continue the improve as well as preserve this fine line of dogs. All puppies are current on shots, and are purple ribbon UKC registered. We have blue nose pit bulls, blue pitbull puppies, blue tri color pups, as well as occasional white with blue markings and blue fawns. If you are looking for a blue pit bull puppie with full breeding rights, and over 10 genations of bullies, Kinneman Kennels has, and will continue to produce these style of dogs as we are one of the best APBT breeders available.

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