Dave Wilson’s Razors Edge Pitbull Bloodline

The History of the Razors Edge Pitbull Bloodline

Pitbull lovers already know that there are many unique varieties of this great breed.  One of them is the Razors Edge Pitbull bloodline.  This variety was created over 20 years ago in Washington DC and Maryland starting with game bred dogs.  Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale went to a lot of trouble and research to create this amazing bloodline of pitbulls.  They had even gone camping and hiking in the woods when they owned their own Pit club.  By purchasing several of the available and best game bred dogs back then, they purchased   Diablo from George Williams who owned the Wildside Kennels.  Diablo’s sire was Hollinsworth Bull.  The female was Wildsides Ms.Leaky.  Back at this time, the Razors Edge line was just beginning and were adding more bone, structure and size to the line.

Many people may not know this, but the Razors Edge Pitbull bloodline was created to produce the perfect family dog while adding some mass, muscle, and thickness to the existing APBT.  Since pitbulls were used back then mainly for fighting, many towns, boroughs and even states were banning them.  Back then, over 20 years ago, pitbulls were mainly bred for fighting.  The Razors Edge were bred to take away the fighting instinct and to breed a more gentle, loyal, obedient, reserved and loving companion animal.  With this improved temperament, the pitbulls thankfully went on as a very popular breed without becoming extinct.  So, thanks to Dave and Carlos and their endless research and knowledge, this was accomplished.

The First Razors Edge Pitbull Breeding

The very first registered ADBA Razors Edge breeding was from a Mayfield sire called Zeus and a Mayfield female named Jinx.  Both of these belonged to George Williams.  Jinx was later given to Curt Plater who now is CLP Kennels.  Curt would then own the very first Razors Edge registered pitbull.

Dave and Carlos eventually lost touch with Curt for several years until they met again.  When pits were banned in PG County, Dave had to move away from the area.  After getting a job in Virginia at a pet store, he then settled there with his Kennel.

Success from line breeding and hard work

Finally, after seven generations of line breeding his pits, Dave Wilson created the perfect model of Razors Edge Pitbulls today.  When he began, the words Razors Edge was still annoymous.  Even though there were already many varieties of the pitbull bloodlines, he was determined to create a unique line of the Razors Edge.  Dave had seen the differences in this bloodline and set out to create the perfect example of this breed of pitbull.  After traveling the country and finding the characteristics that were different and features that would perfect this bloodline, he finally achieved his goal that would carry the name of Razors Edge pitbull to the proud bloodline that it has become.

Because of the early beginnings and the steadfast goals of Dave Wilson, there are now tens of thousands of proud owners of the Razors Edge pitbulls.  The Razors Edge has become one of the most wanted bloodlines in the world.  This fact is proven by the prices of these dogs even tripling in a short time.  Their popularity has grown fast and worldwide.

Words of Warning

For anyone who wants to own one of these fabulous dogs, you need to be careful and do your research.  There are still greedy breeders who will mix the Razors Edge pitbull with a bully breed and ignore the personality and temperament.  Then you may risk getting a dog that’s not as gentle and loving as you thought it would be.  Many of these breeders are charging a lot more than they should and you should always be leary.

It is possible to choose from a diverse selection of the Razors Edge pitbull bloodline.  Some of them are speckled, hued or spotted.  They can be black and white, tan and white or other combinations.  Many Razors Edge fans would prefer the gameness in the dog, and others won’t.  The Razors Edge was originally bred to be less agile and athletic, however, they still have these strong, short and muscular qualities without having the fighting instinct.

The Public Eye

The Razors Edge kennels have even been criticized by pitbull aficionados for tampering with the breed, but the pitbull history is full of changes and stories of new bloodlines.  This is just part of what makes pitbulls remain favorites in the dog world.


For those thousands of owners who take a walk with their Razors Edge pitbull, they will tell you that they won’t get too far without someone stopping them to ask about this dog and to just look at it.  The proud owner will then go on to tell them all about the wonderful personality of the Razors Edge, the combination of strength and beauty of the animal, and the fascinating story of Dave Wilson and his endless search for the perfect pitbull bloodline.  These owners will get many years of satisfaction and joy from owning this particular bloodline of the pitbull breed.

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