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ultimate blue pitbulls bouncerA Recommended Bluenose Breeder

At Kinneman Kennels, we don’t breed for a specific color, or purchase dogs because of their color. We breed dogs based upon their health history, structure, temperament, and pedigree. However, there are a number of breeders that just prefer the look of the blue pit bulls! They’re are also breeders that breed specifically to produces blues as well. So if a blue is what your looking for, we recommend Ultimate Blue Pit Bulls.

Ultimate blue pit bulls managed to keep the blue coats on their fine line of dogs, without sacrificing structure, temperament, and a solid pedigree. Some of their most popular dogs include: ultimate blue pitbulls bouncer, villan, and quake. The pedigrees of the majority of their dogs are based on Razors Edge Bloodlines. The Razors Edge Dogs found in their pedigrees include the most well known edge dogs; Cairo, Buckshot, Shortshot, Gloryboy, and Biggie to name a few. Based on Razors Edge dogs, these dogs would be considered less extreme and follow the standard APBT breed standard more so than not.


Breeding more extreme dogs with EDGE OF GOTTILINE BULLSEYE

While most of their older stud dogs have pedigrees based on the original Razors Edge dogs, they are also bringing some new and more extreme blood to their yard with dogs like “EDGE OF GOTTILINE BULLSEYE”. While Ultimate blues have been known for breeding dogs that follow the ABKC Standard class. Bullies like bullseye would be considered by the AKBC as the “Extreme Class”.


The beautiful Blue Nosed Pitbull or ultimate blue pit bulls is a very sleek looking breed. They are typically a light silver-gray to deep charcoal gray coloring, with a short stubble-like coarse coat of hair. They also have a grayish leathery nose, and eyes are a dusty grayish blue, complementing their coat coloring.  The blue-gray variation of color is really a muted black coloring, and the “blue” gene is a recessive trait. This this the reason behind why we call them “blues”—their dusty gray coloring, that sort-of looks like a gray-blue hue in the light.

Health Issues with Blue Pit bulls

The “Blues” have some common health issues.  The breed can sometimes have skin disorders. There is Alopecia which is areas that can become bald, most of the time on their back.  They are also susceptible to mange – a raw redness and bleeding of the skin with patchiness – almost like humans having psoriasis on their skin, or imbedded in their hair follicle areas.  These conditions are treatable, however they can be quite irritating to the dog and owner, as they can be hard to resolve.  They also might take longer than expected to heal properly if the dog continues to bite or scratch at the area, as well as can be costly for shampoos and creams supplied by your veterinarian.  Some articles have suggested that dogs bred for a recessive gene might explain why they are more susceptible to immune system issues, as well as bacterial, viral and fungal infections.


Certain inexperienced breeders tend to over breed the same families that have given them the coloring result of the blue pit that they want.  When this is overdone, it is associated with both health and behavioral problems with the pitbull.  Some would refer to this as “inbreeding,” which is when these issues can become a real problem. Owners should be aware of this and prior to owning one, you might want some family history records.

Not all inbreeding is bad however. Experienced breeders who inbreed their dogs to lock in a certain look may very well know the history of their dogs well enough to do this. In the rare case you have a perfect line of dogs that is free of health problems, inbreeding would cause no problems. Linebreeding is done more often, and is a safer bet to produce dogs that look similar to their ancestors. Linebreeding is extremely common among all dog breeders.

ultimate blue pit bulls studNegative Stereotypes

When picking out your breed for your family or as a single individual wanting to own one of these pits, you should be aware that this breed does have a lot of stereotypes of being aggressive.  You also need to realize that any dog can have behavioral issues.  It can depend on many factors, including the dog’s upbringing, however the pitbull does have a tendency to be more aggressive by nature.  You should also know because of these stereotypes some states, or counties within certain states might make you hold a license to own a pitbull.  In some states, it might even be illegal to own one.

When considering any breed of dog, even the ultimate blue pit bulls, you need to write down the list if items involved.  You have the cost of food, and health care, levels of activity for this particular breed, grooming, and other items you may come up with. A Pitbull Terrier owner also has to be okay with the controversy surrounding their choice of dog; owning a “bully breed dog” is not for just anyone, and you should know everything about the breed before adopting one.

Irresponsible Dog Owners and Breeders

There is no doubt that pitbulls or any canine for that matter can cause injury. Every dog has sharp teeth and claws, and is capable of inflicting injury upon another dog, animal, human, etc. Pit bulls are extremely powerful dogs, and when they are raised and bred improperly, the damage they inflict is much greater than most breeds.

According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs each year. This is because of the many irresponsible dog owners and breeders, and these are the folks that can give the pit breed a bad reputation. You need to be an informed reader about pitbulls, buy the magazines, and read the articles about them to better understand the breed before only looking at statistical information.  The blue pit bulls are also no exception.

Also various “bite incidents” are significantly over-reported because some pet owners really don’t know what kind of breed or mixed breed they have.  They might think they adopted a pitbull or a mixture of one but really might have a Rottweiler instead.  These mistakes can easily add to the negative statistics even of blue pit bulls.

Summary of blue Pit Bulls

The “Blue” nose pitbull, or any pitbull for that matter are gods beautiful creatures that just want our love and support like any animal.  They can be a fun-loving caring, protective dog, if you treat the dog with respect, and are not an abusive pet owner, your pit will be a perfect companion.  It is a lot more difficult to train an older pitbull, but as Caesar Milan puts it, every dog can learn new tricks, and get back on the road to learning better behavioral habits.  He is an owner of a pitbull and that particular pit he uses to help train all kinds of canine breeds.  So— that should tell you right there—they are a very intuitive, smart breed—take it from the Discovery Channels Dog Trainer himself!

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  1. I’m Bill Lyvers formerly known as Bill’s Blue Bullies. I’ve been breeding these dogs for years now and from experience, the coats on blue dogs are more prone to skin problems. I would recommend asking the breeder prior to purchasing a puppy if the parents had any issues with their skin or coat.

    1. Hey bill my name is Robert I am currently looking for someone to start breeding with i have a registered female she’s blue wonderful with kids and all humans for that matter but I’m really hoping we can talk sometime.

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